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tonight weather strikes and four people dead. >> snow has arrived in the bay area. not just in highest elevation. a wintery mix on the highways. the latest in just a moment. >> a central valley lemon grove for a look at how growers are guarding against more devastating damage. >> and from some of nelson mandela's bay area disciples who helped him change the world with our wallets. a palo alto man is coming home. >> just moments ago north korea
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state news agency announced the country deported merrill newman. authorities arrested him october 26th. last week north korea released a video claiming newman apologized for climb krooims committed during the korean war. >> newman belonged to a secret military group and aided guerrillas during the war. no word when he is returning in the united states but he is leaving north korea. >> good evening. >> we'll talk about the weather. the next wave of weather was enough moisture and freezing air to turn mountain tops white with snow. here you can see that snow has accumulated today along highway 29 where the plows have been dispatched there is more still to come. the cold front moves south. north, highway 101 has been closed
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because of snow and estimated time so far on when it might reopen. and here you can see the plates that forms on a windshield. here is video sent to you report showing how some species thrive in this weather. a humming bird taking a very cold shower. take a look at what's happening now with spencer christian. a new winter storm alert just issued. >> snow levels down to 1500 feet. sheer look at live doppler seven hd. you can see we've got a wintery mix. raining in areas and snow now coming down a bit to middle of the elevations.
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taking a look at our winter weather advisory now, we're going to have snow not just 2500 feet but 1500 feet in bay area mountains talking about santa cruz mountains and now, north bay mountains are included. 2 to 4 inches of snow accumulation for 1:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m tomorrow you can tell snow arrived head of schedule wech may get more. ama? >> thank you. the celled snap led to the deaths of four people in the south bay from hypotherm hypothermia. >> reporter: health officials don't want to lose more people due to cold weather which is why they'll be reaching out to the homeless, since november 28, 4 homeless men died from hypothermia in santa clara
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county. one in an off garage and three others at lincoln avenue under a freeway, another under a bridge at highway 87 and a 3 at kurtner avenue. in response, three emergency shelters will be open and there will be more beds. they say workers will be more of an effort. >> many of you know homeless right now. they're by your churches tell them to come inside. this is very serious. >> outreach workers know many will insist on staying outside.
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live in san jose, abc7 news. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live again tonight. the heaters are going out, too. >> this is about the things this, is about things we take for granted in life. coming home it's cold inside of the houchls you think first, you think i'm going to go to my thermostat and turn on a heater. you hit a bull butt onand again, what if it doesn't work? especially on a night like this? many parts of the world a morning in 30s will see balmy. and perfect for, say, buying a christmas tree. this idea of cold could be a matter of conditioning. >> do you like cold? >> yes. yes. >> it's fun? >> yes. >> do you answer questions together?
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>> yes. yes. >> they've been calling repairmen like this heating expert fixing problems like this. >> that is it. >> it's not magic. it's like murphy's law. >> in this case, an expansion tank. in others insulation problems and in this world, issues with a four-stair heating system. >> you wait until it breaks, then, you call. then make sense of mind bending explanations. >> you replace the board.
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>> when parts work hard yes, stuff goes wrong. >> then, when you get a heat wave, what happens? >> air conditioning goes up. >> and a power outage sent some residents into a deep freeze. power restored to all but a few dozen folks at this point. but 4100 customers lost electricity this morning including three skoochls they had to move students to sunniest and warmest classrooms. >> it's probably about 25 degrees in there. because i know it's about just shy of 30 here. and in there, it's colder. this is a cement. >> also calling a financial hardship for businesses like huckel berry's cafe.
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>> this is painful. yes. friday is a big day. so this is painful. and our hours are only 7:00 to 3:00. it's going to be a bad day for us. >> tough break. pg&e says it's caused by failure of an underground cable. >> hard freeze is threatening our citrus crop. growers have been spending the night in orchards and launching an aerial attack. >> says you can see right there. can you see? >> peter anderson points out leaves now brown from the cold. we spoke to the grower he had been awake keeping an eye on his citrus. >> that
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>> looks good >> he hopes this will pay off after the area fell victim to freezing temperatures last night, for the first time in years anderson deployed this helicopter on stand by to act as a flying wind machine. >> i have radio communication with helicopters. telling him, hey, do you see? come here. make a few passes yeah. he'll fly there. it will jump to 30 degrees. >> i move and work the areas. about 15 feet up, sometimes, lower. >> the helicopter spreads warm air above frees. in his career he says he's only using the helicopter a handful of times.
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when temperatures hit low numbers he pays closer attention to lemons and says sugar acts as antifreeze. so less you vshgs the likely sit to get freeze damage. >> this is high dollar lemons this year has been a great lemon year, so far. we want to keep it that way. you snow >> he ask sd not expect to fly tonight but does tomorrow night when temperatures are forecast to get cloe. still, another all nighter for him, tonight. >> weather caused problems for searchers in i'd. they've scaled back a search for a missing silicon valley pilot and family. the plane went down on a plane going to butte, montana. some ground crews were still searching for the plane today but their operations have been
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limited. mittsing are dale smith with his son, daughter, daughter in law and daughter's fiancee. 25 to 30 friends have gathered and some are helping in this search. >> weather forced relocation of the annual pearl harbor day. the beacon lit every year to commemorate at tack they shut it off during world war ii so it won't atrack attack planes because of the threat of snow it will be lit during an event to be held at concord campus tomorrow at 3:45 p.m . and don't wait until the storm passed to get the weather app. >> still ahead here tonight at the way your children are
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learning in school. you're going to meet people behind this revolution. >> a man grabs a suitcase after a long bus trip, leaving his own behind. >> a doctor helping
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omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideaeas people post on your page? they're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's?
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most of us had to adopt to the internet. it's all young people have known. but schools
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are racing to find education modern and connected and this week, efforts got a boost from two of the influential names in tech. here is abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. when mike goes over trouble spots, take a rubber stylus, equalling a classroom full of kids paying attention. >> this engages kids. you can see their eyes open. when seeing this on the big screen >> these kids are digital natives and this is their world. >> but never mind ipads. one of the important ingredients is one you can't see. a blazingly fast internet connection. a luxury half of the schoolses in the
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county don't have. >> they have 500 in the case of this school over 800 kids. >> even is the head of the education super highway. out to change that with serious hip help. >> i think what they've realized is that we're at a tipping point now. >> marchwell envisions a world where dozen was stream individual yeet once using world events as teachable moments but the super highway has to find which schools need an upgrade, connect with grand money and give help spending it in the best way possible. saying investing is good for silicon valley. >> if they're going to have the work force we need to be
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investing in our web site schools. >> oning girl's quincenera dream got a boost today the 14-year-old from daily city is battling salivary cancer the cancer is life threatening. she's been busy going to treatments and couldn't plan for the birdie. she got a dress and shoes, too. >> it's a very warm feeling that people there are there to make other people feel better. >> the campaign raised $6.5 million to grant wishes to children. >> i will be hosting an event
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tomorrow called braft bay. and the mini caped crusader bat kid will be there. miles scott a 5-year-old cancer survivor. tomorrow miles will reunite with the police chief for that fund-raiser so other kids will see their wishes come true. >> that is great >> nice to have bat kid back, too. an injured bird released back into the wild today the bird is a california gull, found emaciated in august. and the center from silicon valley discovered it had a federal identification band on its leg. and was bagged in mountain view 28 years ago.
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>> remarkable. >> so spencer is here to tell us more about the rain. >> yes. yes. >> so i can tell you about snow first. taking a look at live doppler seven hd. highway 101 closed to north bay traffic. so higher elevation as above 2000 feet we're seeing snow and rain. pushing south ward. here is a live view from our sutro tower camera. 49 degrees now in san francisco. los gatos and half moon bay. another live view from our camera looking westward you can see clouds moving in. and
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some rainfall. mid 40s in livermore. and a live view, interesting with what looked like rain drops. looking out towards bay bridge, these feature as cross the region, snow levels down to about 1500 feet. so here is an image of the cold rain. starting at 9:00, 6:00 this evening. and rain already here. and into 9:00 more wide spread rainfall and of course snow will with lowering as well into elevations of 1500
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to 2500 feet. by 11:00 rain beginning to taper off. i want to get to morning so rain will be out of here. by morning a wider area of a break that is confined to the north bay. that changes rain to snow by mid day, we'll see clearing, partial clearing sunny skies into afternoon. but will be chilly talking about our winter weather advisory in effect now until 6:00 tomorrow morning also from 2 to 4 inches of accumulating snow. a winter storm warning from mountain view into sierra. it's going to be a major winter storm for areas. low
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temperatures upper 30s to around 40. highs maybe up to 50 in oakland. cold warnings continuing throughout monday. temperatures moderating into next week. look for snow. you might see it. >> thank you. >> coming up here next an important snap shot of the jobs picture in this country. >> signs u.s
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employers added 200,000 people to payrolls driving the unemployment rate down to 7%. that is a five year low and a sign the economy is now beginning to ramp up after the great recession in a long, sluggish recovery. other signs, nearly a quarter of the november job growth came in manufacturing and construction. those are good paying jobs, too. and hourly pay sup. average wage earner making $24.15 per hour, working 34.5 hours per week. down side is that 4 million people have been out of work six months or longer and percentage of adults working or looking for jobs is near a 35
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year low. >> nasdaq is up almost 30 and google up to a all-time high. apple demanding more money tonight, a jury concluded apple owes for stealing patented features, apple asked a judge for an extra $22 million for legal fees and other costs. >> and barns and noble disclosed the government is looking at its books arcs kting books the investigation from an employee allegation of an improper allocation of expenses between barns and noble retail segment and unit that makes the nook e reader. >> coming up next tonight's breaking news. a bay area man
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now relesioned from north korea. >> you're going to hear from
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the elderly palo alto veteran detained in noshg has been released. merrill newman was freed on humanitarian reasons and because he apologized last week, p'yongyang released video of that video. north korean police arrested him for what they said were war crimes. he reportedly tried to contact members of the unit on his trip. no word yet when he will arrive
7:31 pm
back in the united states but left north korea. >> as the contribute united states continue to pour in tonight from around the world and n.praise of nelson mandela, details of the funeral have been released flowers and candles piled up outside of his home. sunday is a national day of prayer. tuesday, a memorial will be held. president eastbound yauma and former president bush will fly together to south africa. >> in spring 1985 students led a protest that will bring change to south africa. two students helped divestment against apartheid. >> a few students thought it's
7:32 pm
time for their university to follow. they did. so did other universities. these papers typed by students with a plan. the year was 1985. nancy skinner was the leader of the committee. >> student leaders and community leaders did initiatives. so there is this activism. >> there were daily rallies students began camping out until police staged a raid arcs resting dozens. one of the leaders of the demonstrations was student body president who spoke to us via skiep.
7:33 pm
>> all that is left of the future is now. >> the movement gained a lot of attention and interest of lawmakers. and pro fessors. >> ask a question what the hell is the university of california doing making process of a slave system in 1986? then willie brown addressed the crowd helping convince regents to help withdraw the university in businesses strayed treyeding with south africa. >> and first vet was a regent vote that caused california to become the identifiable capitol of the movement to kill apartheid. >> former california george
7:34 pm
george duekmedjian decided it was a good political move to support divestment. now, a memorial will take place in the rotunda at city hall on wednesday. >> thank you. >> the reverend cecil williams is speaking tonight about nelson mandela among a host of leader who's met mandela. five years earlier he had been arrested on the berkeley campus. >> he made it work. well, he is the kind of person that may have spoken softly, he was able to be a statesman and bring people
7:35 pm
together. stay with us for a special edition of 2020 tonight at 10:00 >> still to come megabus offers cheap tickets to los angeles but what about customer service? >> michael finney talked to a man who d
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>> seven on your side told you about the megabus. >> michael finney is here with the story. >> the ride is terrific. terrific. a double decker bus, wi-fi. the problem is what happened when he got off. you may have seen them on the roads. megabusz whisking passengers to cities across north america.
7:39 pm
fernando from san francisco says it's easier to hop a bus than fly to los angeles only 60ss today l.a. and back. >> i was tired. >> handlers unloaded the suitcases like they always do. >> i just wanted off. >> he grabbed a suitcase from the side walk and headed home. >> there is a bunch of girls things in there. >> he picked thup bag. looking like his own. someone out there missing her stuff, what about sniz. >> i called megabus within minutes to let them know. he offered to run back and make the
7:40 pm
switch but no a clerk told him to send an e mail to lost and found in new jersey. >> is there anyway to move faster? he said this is the protocol. >> no one would say whose bag he had. >> there were pictures that i had gotten. and that meant something to me. chamberlain says an agent mixed up bag descriptions saying this bag would have been driven back to l.a. next thing got the call. >> they said we found your luggage. it's here. >> people picks up the wrong suitcase. kit happen. >> it's easy to do. here is his
7:41 pm
bag. here is the one grabbed by mistake. it's owner still unknown. fernando is glad to have the stuff back. >> like christmas. not only did the company pay to ship back to him but offer aid free trip to los angeles. company says tag your bags >> okay. >> thank you. >> coming up next a doctor helping researchers develop a helping researchers develop a new
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at i need you.
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where you live. >> millions of americans suffer from back pain. maybe you. as technology now in trials here could offer people a third option. >> jose jiminez lived with back pain. >> one day it's hard to get out of bed. i did get out of bed, you know? it was, my lower back was on fire. >> after several misdiagnosis he learned he had a disc condition but just 37 was rear leery of back surgery. there is a clinical triem whose spine
7:46 pm
doesn't require surgery. dr. paul slosav directing the medical trial and says insteved a full back procedure, surgeons disable nerves that are responsible for transmitting the pain. using a technology developed by relieven. >> it's a radio frequency. that sounds complex. it's a needle-based treatment. >> using x ray, we can safafly place tlit without having to make a large incision. >> once inside the probe able to penetrate into the vertebrae to reach the nerves inside heat is then used to deaden the
7:47 pm
nerves. >> the device is still in trials but patients reported relief after receiving the treatment. if proven effective he says it could provide a new option oochl it will be a game changer. we have little that doesn't need a spinal fusion. >> jose jiminez hoping to find relief from a decade of pain. >> i twoobt get back to how i'm used to being able to go out, enjoy the day. not wake up feeling like very to walk on eggshells. >> the trial being conducted through spine care medal cal group. >> time to check on weather. rain coming in. >> and it's cold. >> we've got weather. some rain
7:48 pm
reaching into the east bay. new batch of rain pushing south from golden gate from san francisco into santa cruz mountains snow is now pushing into some higher elevations. and taking a. north bay mountains in effect until 6:00 a.m . with some snow up there right now. above 2500 feet at 10:00 with diablo range 2 to 4 inches of snow. state wide, cold, snowy. by mid morning to mid day, sunny skies and chilly with highs into upper 40s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather
7:49 pm
forecast. colteder on sunday, by the way. monday morning bringing us freezing temperatures and temperatures moderating the remainder of the week. >> welcome relief. >> yes. >> let's talk soccer. >> right. >> 3 billion people watching world cup next summer. one thing everybody agrees on, putting you in the group of death is probably not a good thing. team usa, difficult draw, next in orts.
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good evening, next year ooiz of the world will turn to brazil. when they put nut group of death, it probably, great. u.s. qualified for the world cup but reward is being placed in a group including germany, portugal as well as ghana. germany is the second ranked team in the world, portugal
7:53 pm
ranked fifth. and gauna. the host country, brazil in group a with croatia and mexico alions of cameroon. >> it's one of the most difficult groups in the draw. having portugal and then, ghana, who hz a history with the united states it couldn't get more difficult or bigger but that is what world cup is about. it's a challenge. we'll take it! >> new to our football. stanford heads into the pack 12 championship game with sites on a second trip to the rose bowl. won the regular season but that was back in september. hatted to fight off a furious come back before winning. tomorrow's game is in tempe. asu, ranked 11th.
7:54 pm
>> we started off like gang busters but they came storming back. they're just a good football team. they've got really good players on all three levels on defense. good, good complete team. >> chris combreertson turned down more jobs. but is leaving for university of washington. peterson 92 and 12 as broncos head coach gets a deal. our line up tomorrow on abc7 at 9:30 in morning at 5:00 florida state top ranked in the land versus duke and highlights around 8:30. to the ice, sharks road trip continued tonight in carolina. the grinch on hand
7:55 pm
i thought i wore a lot of makeup. great looking right there. sharks building a lead. might have been a double deflection. the sharks justin broad one timer ties at three. carolina retakes the lead in a crazy third period. making a final 5-3, carolina. warriors in houston looking at dwight howard as a rocket. warriors shot only 27%. steph curry? air ball? you don't see that often. warrior was a come back against toronto and are going to need another one. rockets leading 81-57. kobe wrient making a debut against toronto on sunday at staples center. bryant tore
7:56 pm
his achilles tendon almost eight months ago. he announced the news today. and money, money, money. second baseman robinson canno will get mr. plenty of it. a ten year, $240 million contract. yankees would not go hire than a measly $160 million. cano is a five time all star. 27 homers last year. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. cano may have to play second, short, and first to be worth that money. >> you're going to find out about the booming black market for beer. >> then, on abc7 news at 11:00 a bay area freeze tonight. what you can expect and where more snow is expected to fall. tonight's prime time line up here begin was last man
7:57 pm
standing. >> if you thought about what matters tomorrow is an important day in american history. the date that will live in infamy as president roosevelt told the nation about the attack on pearl harbor. americans pulled together, sack fiegs perhaps like never before or since. and we owe those men and women more than we can repay. history is important. it defines who we are and shapes who we will become. history not just names and dates to memorize because they make us in school. it's to be learned and understood as the context for where, and how we live. sadly our young people do worse in american history than any other subject. often with a shocking laj of knock about basic, basic facts. how many original colonies were there? when was the civil war fought? who was rez whit was? on and on kids need to know this stuff.
7:58 pm
not just to pass tests. but to make crucial decisions when they're older, who and what to vote for and why. what to stand for. believe in and why what. matters to our democracy is to defend it. we can't defend it if we don't understand it. share with me what you think. that is our report. >> our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate yr time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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the tgs sweatshirts were supposed to say "tgs season six, yuck," which is a catch-phrase from a pretty great sketch. - yuck! [audience cheers] - but they got misprinted and now they say, "tgs season six, duck!" and that's a season five catchphrase. - duck!?

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